10 Most Controversial Female Twitch Streamers


If you watch video game streams on Twitch, you know that the main appeal is obvious: to watch people play video games.  But there definitely are a number of female streamers who have, well … let’s call it a “different approach.”  These ladies play video games, sure, but that isn’t why their audiences tune in.  Instead, they are there for the prurient interest factor—all the “accidental” slips of clothing and subsequent flashes and etc.  And I do mean etc.

Do these streamers’ accounts get flagged?  Sure, but it seems to be quite difficult to actually ban any of them.  And that’s easy enough to understand.  Naturally Twitch knows that these streamers pull in a lot of website traffic.  It is hard to say “no” to traffic.

So if you are looking for something interesting to watch this week … here are the 10 most notorious female Twitch streamers!

10. Legendary Lea


Legendary Lea is not the most skillful gamer in the world … but she is adept at keeping an audience (probably comprised mostly of teenage boys) glued to their monitors.  This blonde bombshell always seems to find herself feeling uncomfortable and needing to change position, or she suddenly has to bend way over to pick something up off the floor.  In every case, she tends to show her audience a little more than she (supposedly) meant to.

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