10 Predictions for Sony at E3 2016 That Came True


We’re coming up fast on E3 2016, so it’s time to make some predictions about what we’re going to see from Sony. Please keep in mind that nothing here is confirmed. All of the below is rumor and speculation!

10. PlayStation Neo Will Be Revealed


This is a rumor that’s been simmering to a boil for weeks now. It’s hard not to have a mixed reaction to the idea of a new PlayStation console (currently referred to as PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo) after just a few years. On one hand … great, they are upgrading the hardware fast. On the other hand, what is this, a smartphone? No one wants to have to go out and buy a new console this fast.

Adding to the controversy, inside sources have given us conflicting stories about the need for PlayStation Neo. Some have alleged that Neo is necessary because PS4 will not be able to handle PSVR. Others have asserted that claim is ridiculous. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see—hopefully PSVR will work okay on PS4, or there will at least be some kind of trade-in plan available.

9. More Infinite Warfare Than Anyone Needs


It is hard to fault the Call of Duty developers for trying to break new ground. Experimentation has always been good for the franchise. But at this point we’re getting so far away from the original formula for COD (relatable, real-world warfare set in the present, past or near-future) that the series is in danger of losing its identity.

Anyway, like it or not, we’ll probably see a ton of Infinite Warfare stuff at the conference.


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