11 Most Anticipated Games of 2017


Most of us are focused on upcoming games for 2016 right now, but a lot of game releases for 2017 have already been announced. What are gamers most stoked about for next year? Let’s check out the 11 most highly anticipated games!

11. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


This game will be a follow-up to the popular Castlevania series, and will be developed by Inti Creates and produced by Koji Igarashi. It was funded through Kickstarter with a goal of $500,000. It exceeded that amount and went on to earn $5.5 million. This record-setting sum is a perfect measure of just how badly gamers want this title. It is due for release in March of 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Windows PC, OS X, and Linux.


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