4 Things DICE Needs to Do To Improve Battlefield 1 in 2017


Battlefield 1 is a truly amazing game; it dominated sales and the press in 2016 for good reason.  DICE is a team which never quits working.  Over the past couple months, the developer has done a lot to balance vehicles, gadgets, and weapons, and has introduced and upgraded a new Rent-a-Server program.  All along the way, DICE has taken player feedback into account.

But there are still some improvements to be made in 2017, so here is our feedback for DICE!

1. We need maps that cater to infantry.


Battlefield 1’s maps are fantastic, but many of them are like Sinai Desert—they provide a wide open space which is excellent for the cavalry and armored vehicles.  The balancing is off with these maps; if you are trying to play an infantry soldier, you are really going to struggle not to get mowed over by every armored vehicle you come across.  But given the nature of “They Shall Not Pass,” the upcoming expansion featuring the Battle of Verdun, we are hopeful that some more infantry-friendly maps may be on the way.

2. DICE needs to bring back Air Superiority.


While dogfighting in Battlefield 1 is a blast, right now there are only so many planes which can be spawned by each team.  The fix?  Bring back the Air Superiority mode from Battlefield 4.  It was already awesome in the China Rising DLC, where it featured jets and missiles.  Now imagine that same game mode in Battlefield 1 with old-fashioned biplanes.  It would be even better, and would require a completely different approach from a strategic standpoint.

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