4 Things DICE Needs to Do To Improve Battlefield 1 in 2017

3. Improve Rent-a-Server.


Switching over entirely from third-party servers to direct server rentals cannot have been an easy transition for DICE.  Still, there is a lot that needs to be ironed out to make this system really work, particularly when it comes to providing useful tools for administrators.  You have to actually log into the game running on your server to adjust the settings, and a lot of controls are simply missing.  Thankfully a big update is on its way, so hopefully all of this will be fixed soon!

4. Get official servers for custom game modes.


Some of the most exciting game modes available in Battlefield 1 are custom modes like Hardcore.  The problem is that there are no official servers supporting these modes—you can only find them over on Rent-a-Server.  It can be a real pain to find a server which has the custom game mode running that you enjoy and is populated with enough people to actually play the game.  Official servers running custom game modes would really streamline this process.


So those are our suggestions for 2017!  Improvements to Rent-a-Server are already on the way, and hopefully the good folks at DICE will take the rest of these ideas under consideration as well.  Battlefield 1 had a tremendously successful launch, and 2017 should be even better!