5 Crazy Gaming Myths You Wouldn’t Believe Are Actually True


Crazy game myths are nothing new. Memorable ones include the rumor of a nude code that made Lara Croft naked in Tomb Raider or the urban legend about Polybius, a 1981 arcade cabinet that had strange and powerful effects on gamers.

Prior to the Internet, no one knew what to believe. There were a lot of stories, and of course some of them were true. According to, here are five that are.

Unfortunately, the Lara Croft nude code isn’t one of them.

5. Super Mario Bros. 3 Is a Theatrical Production


Over the years, a number of fans identified clues within SMB3, such as the way props were bolted on, that indicated a story beyond the obvious. No one ever guessed the actual truth though.

Eventually, Shigeru Miyamoto did an interview in which he confirmed the theories were on to something. SMB3 isn’t actually the real story but a stage performance of what took place.


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