5 Reasons You Need to Buy Battlefield 1


After tons of anticipation, Battlefield 1 is upon us. If you’re here reading this right now, that means you aren’t playing Battlefield 1 and that’s just a huge error in judgement. No offense, you’re not a lost cause, it’s only been about a month. None the less, here are just a few of the many reasons to check out this title.

5. The Shortage of Good WW1 Era FPS Games


WW1 era games have taken a bad rap because many of the earlier ones didn’t garner a large audience. This is especially true where FPS games are concerned. From a development standpoint, it’s all about the sales. Because of the tepid reaction to other WW1 FPS games, developers have been hesitant to tackle the era again.

The advantage is that a game like Battlefield 1, when designed properly, has a lot of upside. For starters, the WW1 era is still relatively unexplored in FPS games. That gives developers a lot of fertile ground to work with. This game has a fresh feel. Of course, variety like this costs money.

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