5 Rising YouTube Gamers About To Blow Up and Get Millions of Subscribers

3. Willy Mammoth


Sometimes called the “next PewDiePie,” Willy Mammoth has really started to make a name for himself, and he has done it in scarcely any time at all. It’s hard to think that prior to 2016, most people had never even heard of this guy. His Battlefield 1 videos are immensely popular; many have tens of millions of views and are still climbing. He is also famous for his “How Not To Get Shot By the Police” video, which went viral and sparked controversy. While his language is crude and he is frequently immature, there is no denying his comedic talent or his wit as a presenter. There are also a lot of rumors about him, like that he was once an adult film star. Who knows? There’s plenty of overlap between the industries these days.

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