63 year old player spends 174 days straight searching for end of the world, breaks game


Stories about seniors playing video games used to be a rarity, but now they are pretty common. There is something reassuring about that—knowing that a lot of people continue to enjoy the hobbies they loved when they were younger clear through into old age.

One 63-year-old gamer named Stephen recently became quite caught up with an indie survival game called The Flame in the Flood.


In fact, he became so obsessed with exploring the game world that he spent 174 days in the game traveling 136.6 miles down the river. He never found whatever it was he was searching for, but he did hit the edge of the map. The river came to an abrupt end, and his character ended up starving to death on the raft.


The developer was actually so impressed that the team got in contact with him later to let him know he’d achieved one of the highest scores ever in the game.


Now Stephen is hooked on Firewatch, and is once again involved in exploring every hidden facet of a new virtual world. We’ll have to see if he finds the edge of this one.