7 Brutal Games That Absolutely Punish You For Dying


In a lot of videogames, dying is no big deal, which is why they offer such great stress relief. Nothing can go seriously wrong, and sometimes that provides you with the break you need from the challenges of life. But sometimes you want a challenge. If death in a game has no consequences, none of it feels real, and it is hard to get invested.

If you are ready to let a videogame totally kick your ass, here are 7 games which punish you brutally when you die. Caution: These games will make you rage-quit.

7. The Dark Souls Franchise


You knew this would be mentioned first, right? Heck, the only way to graduate from the newbie tutorial in this game is to die. In a way, you are dead in these games all the time—you are simply resurrecting to fight.

In order to complete any given level, you must get through the entire level without dying again—if you do, you are sent back to the beginning and you have to start all over. Oh yeah, and you lose all the souls (currency in game) you have saved up to that point. You can get them back, but only if you can return to the point where you lost them without dying en route. If you die again before you get back there, they’re gone for good. Yep, Dark Souls is a series for masochists.

6. Battletoads


This 1991 title gives you three lives when you start out the game. Those are the only three lives you get for the entire game. If you lose them all, you go back to the beginning and start the game over. There are no save points. This is as brutal as it gets.

5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown


This is a game where it is the deaths of other characters that you pay for. You start out with a team which you create, and you name every character (they want you to get attached). If one of them dies … he is gone for good. Playing this game is very much a process of watching in horror as each of them gets picked off. And when it is just you on your own at the end … well, you are probably screwed.

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