7 Brutal Games That Absolutely Punish You For Dying

4. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!


Like Dark Souls, this is a game a lot of people will think of instantly when it comes to “impossible to win.” If you beat Mike Tyson playing this back in the 80s, you were probably the only person you knew who did.

3. Fire Emblem Awakening


This game pretty much forces you to sacrifice some—though not all—of your team-mates, often through emotionally excruciating decisions over who lives or dies. Those decisions haunt you, even though the characters are just pixels on your screen.

2. Mega Man


In the original Mega Man, there were very few checkpoints and the levels were really, really hard. In fact, you pretty much had to memorize them (rather like Dark Souls) in order to strategically play through them successfully.

1. Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels


In Japan, this game was released as “Super Mario Bros 2.” The western release was totally different, because Nintendo felt that American gamers couldn’t handle the challenge. Indeed, if you get a chance to play The Lost Levels, you will find it is very hard, and as with Dark Souls, you must go back to the beginning of a level every time you die.

So if you feel like rage-quitting and throwing your monitor and controller out the window, try any one of these 7 ridiculously brutal games. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.