7 Flaws That Prevent Uncharted 4 From Being Perfect


Uncharted 4 is an awesome game. Like pretty much everything else that Naughty Dog has made, there isn’t a whole lot to complain about. But even the best games have areas where they could improve. Let’s take a look at the seven biggest flaws with Uncharted 4.

7. Crates, crates everywhere!


Uncharted 4 has crates with casters everywhere, and they are used for everything under the sun. Seriously, these things may as well just be labeled “Deus Ex Machina,” because that’s what they are. Can’t climb up over that high ledge? Just push a crate with casters over! Can’t get up to that other high ledge? It’s crate time! Did that bridge just collapse during “At Sea?” You need a new way up. Here, use this crate.


You don’t really notice this the first time through the game, but on replays, it is hilariously obvious. When is the last time you saw a convenient crate with casters in real life right when you needed it? … Probably not too recently. So why are they everywhere in Uncharted 4?


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