8 Rare (and Very Valuable) Games You Might Have In Your Closet


As the gaming lifestyle has continued to grow in popularity, the nostalgia of vintage video games has also expanded. Gamers from every generation seek out classic games, as well as other arcade relics to fill out their collections. Though the majority of old games are not worth much these days, there are a handful of titles that have increased in value. Excluding the exclusive and rare items at the very top of the Video Game Prices & Values data, there are still a number of titles you may recognize or own yourself. Keep in mind that the prices for these titles are for open and used games, with the price of a properly sealed and packaged version being worth much more.

$7,500 – Stadium Events, US version (NES)


After a small release in 1987 that sold less than 200 copies, the game was repackaged and re-released with the Nintendo Power Pad. This version, outside of the Power Pad pack, is one of the rarest commercially-released NES games. UK owners of the game should hold back their excitement, since this price is only valued for the US version of the cartridge.

$650 – The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak (NES)


Release three years after the launch of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, this game from 1994 did not sell many copies. The NES was on its last legs and the Flintstones cartoon was old news, which hurt the launch of the game immensely. As the most devoted Flintstones fans are the only likely owners of this game, they might find themselves unwilling to part with it.

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