8 Things Gamers Lie About While Playing Videogames


Lies have been part of video gaming since the 1800s. Every player has come across people who will find anything as an excuse for after losing a game. Losing a game is a bad thing that nobody ever wishes to fall a victim. That’s why gamers will always go an extra mile and come up with an inventive excuse or explanation as to why they lost a game.

Players lie on different aspects of the game such as beating a boss or finding anything to blame for a loss. We will go through some of the most prevalent lies that are widely used by gamers.

8. Bragging about possessing a superior K/D Ratio.


K/D Ratio refers to the kills and Deaths ratio. The K/D Ratio is derived by dividing the total number if kills by the total number if deaths. An example is when a gamer has a total of 20 kills, and they end up dying ten times, then their K/D Ratio becomes 2. Simply divide 20 by 10.


The ratio is used as a status symbol among the gamers that is why will always lie about it. Most gamers will lie that they have a K/D Ratio bigger than their actual ratio. Having a high K/D Ration in video gaming is not a big deal since other factors are involved in determining how good a gamer is.

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