9 Video Games That Killed People In Real Life

Suicide in front of EverQuest


As one of the first games to tap into the obsessive personalities of MMORPG-based gamers, EverQuest has been a notoriously dangerous game. You will hear stories of health issues, relationships endings and college careers being brought to a halt by the game appropriately called EverCrack. In 2002, Shawn Woolley quit his job and ignored holiday invitations from his family all in pursuit of more time playing EQ. A few days after Thanksgiving, family members found Woolley dead in front of EverQuest by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Though the motivation for the suicide is unknown, some have speculated that issues with an in-game relationship led Woolley to commit the act.

Murder over Loot in Legend of Mir 3


You will notice a trend in MMORPG related incidents on this list, as they tend to push players well beyond their limits. Two players in Legend of Mir 3, Qui Chengwei and Zhu Caoyuan, worked together to earn an extremely rare sword in-game. When Zhu sold the game over eBay in 2005 without consulting with Qui, a debate began between the players. After failing to split the earnings to the liking of both parties, Qui stabbed Zhu to death in his sleep.

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