9 Video Games That Killed People In Real Life

Child Abuse over FarmVille


MMORPG’s are not the only games that attract addictive personalities, mobile and Facebook games are capable of earning that dedication as well. A 22-year old mother, Alexandra Tobias became addicted to FarmVille in 2011. When her child’s crying began to interrupt her FarmVille sessions, Tobias barbarically shook her son to death, later admitting that his head had hit the computer monitor in the process.

Water Intoxication for a Nintendo Wii


Here is a story where gaming desperation and stupid radio bits meet head on. In 2007, the Nintendo Wii was still a hot item that was difficult to find without paying a premium price over eBay. Sacramento-based radio station KDND ran a contest that challenged competitors to drink incredible amounts of water without urinating, with the winner earning the coveted Nintendo Wii. One participant, Jennifer Strange, collapsed and died shortly after she failed to win and had returned home.

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