9 Video Games That Killed People In Real Life

Child Neglect and Murder for World of Warcraft


Similar to the stories above about EverQuest and Farmville, an addicted and negligent parent prioritized their gaming over basic life. Rebecca Colleen Christie earned herself a 25-year prison sentence after a marathon 15-hour WoW session that resulted in her 3-year old daughter starving to death.

Walking into Traffic While Playing Ingress


As augmented reality and mobile games become more popular, gamers need to become more aware of their surroundings. Mobile games that require a user’s complete attention are inherently dangerous, especially when they send the player out into the real world. Gabriel Cavalcante Carneiro Leao, a Brazillian Ingress player, became so engaged in the game that he walked in the path of an oncoming bus. Ingress has since developed limits to prevent dangerous gameplay for players, though they came too late to save Frank Maxell, an Irish player who had drowned close to a pier while playing the game himself.

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