A top 500 ranked Overwatch player on PS4 is a well known hacker, Blizzard yet to take action


If you’ve recently taken a look at the Top 500 on Overwatch, you might have noticed that one of the players in the list probably shouldn’t be there …


In fact, a lot of Redditors have taken note as well—one in particular.  The Reddit thread doesn’t name the player, and we won’t either, but the poster claims that the player uses DDoS attacks on his opponents.  When their connection is down, he takes advantage.  How does he facilitate the attacks?  There is a bug on PS4 which allows you to get the IP address of anyone who joins your voice chat.  This player invites enemies to his party, and when they accept, he attacks their connection.


The Redditor who posted this information says it even happened to him personally.  Apparently the hacker is also the subject of weekly posts on /r/OwConsole.

As of right now, console versions of Overwatch have no formal reporting system.  A bunch of players have emailed Blizzard, but the hacker is still in the Top 500.  He needs to be booted off the list … and preferably out of the game.