Activision CEO sends out clear message when asked if Infinite Warfare changed after negative fan response


There are failures—and then there are fiascos.  Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hasn’t even been released yet, and it is already a fiasco.  With more than three million dislikes on YouTube, it has literally set a record for being a massive public laughingstock.


Now, you are probably wondering whether the astoundingly negative fan backlash has prompted Activision to make any changes to the game (aside from the marketing materials and cover art).  The answer?  A resounding “no.”  As it turns out, maybe that is for the best.


Activision boss Eric Hirshberg told Mashable, “We’re doing the same thing after the response as before, which is focusing on making a great game.”

He then raised a great point when he brought up Black Ops 2: “Our previous most-disliked trailer was the reveal trailer for Black Ops 2.  [That was] the first time we brought the franchise into the future.  And that turned out to be one of our most successful games ever.”


Interestingly enough, the metrics on YouTube may not even be meaningful.  Hirshberg said, “We didn’t see that reaction on other platforms and in other metrics.  We didn’t see it in our pre-order momentum, we didn’t see it even in the same exact [trailer posting] on other platforms, like Facebook.”

In other words, the sales figures right now are strong—and that is what really counts.  And should we really be surprised?  A lot of “social proof” metrics are bought and sold anyway.  Maybe Activision is under attack from its competitors.  Either way, we’ll just have to wait for the November 4th release date to find out how Infinite Warfare performs.