Battlefield 1 Adds New Game Mode, “Line Of Sight”


There is a new game mode in Battlefield 1!  Called “Line of Sight,” it is a variation on Rush.  Instead of the usual four classes (Support, Scout, Assault or Medic), you only have to choose between: Scout and Medic.

Another change involves damage.  Scout class sniper rifles do double damage.  That means it takes only a single bullet to take out an enemy.  The Medic class on the other hand is exactly the same.


There are no air or land vehicles in Line of Sight, and right now you can only play this mode on the Suez Canal map.

Line of Sight is the second custom game mode added to BF1.  The first was Fog of War, which (as the name implies) added fog to the map.  Fog of War was of course aimed at players who enjoy close quarters combat.  Line Of Sight is essentially the opposite—it is geared toward players who enjoy long-range combat.