Battlefield 1 Beta Opens August 31st


Gamescom 2016 has finally rolled around, and that means that some news has finally dropped on the Battlefield 1 public beta. You probably already know that the release date for the game itself is October 21st, but thankfully you will not have to wait nearly that long to actually play the game. The Battlefield 1 public beta begins on August 31st.


What do we know about the beta so far?

• Gamers will have a chance to play the Sinai Desert map.

• Two game modes will be included: Conquest and Rush. Rush is a 24-player mode with the goal of destroying (and defending) Telegraph Posts. Conquest is a 64-player mode where players battle to control key objectives.

• You can access the Battlefield 1 beta a full day early if you sign up as a Battlefield Insider. This is basically just signing up for the Battlefield mailing list—which is something you want to do anyway, since this opens the door to all kinds of exclusive content, sneak peeks and in-game rewards.

• There is a sign-up deadline for the Battlefield 1 beta early access. If you want to play the beta a day early, you need to sign up as a Battlefield Insider by August 21st. Otherwise you will have to wait until the day after and start playing the beta at the same time as the rest of the world.

Once you sign up as a Battlefield Insider, you will be able to log in and select your platform for the beta.


You can choose PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Windows PC (via Origin).

Note that there have been some scams going around asking for registration details for fake Battlefield 1 betas. Here is a conversation about this issue on Reddit. Make sure that you are only signing up for the Battlefield 1 beta via official channels. That way your information will stay safe.

As a reminder, August 21st is less than a week away. So if you want early access, the time to sign up is now. It is hard to believe that we are just a couple of weeks away from finally being able to check out Battlefield 1. See you there!