Battlefield 1 criticized by social justice warriors over “lack of diversity”

We fully support diversity in gaming—but sometimes folks go way overboard.

Battlefield 1 is not even officially out yet, but some social justice warriors over at a site called New Normative are already criticizing its “lack of diversity,” saying that EA has committed “equality failure” by not including black or female soldiers in multiplayer.


While generally speaking we agree that multiplayer modes for FPS games should include a diverse range of playable characters, we also understand that Battlefield 1 is set during World War I. The simple reality is that the vast majority of the soldiers were a bunch of white guys in the European theater of operations.

Actually, EA has tried to make up for this lack of multiplayer diversity by incorporating diverse characters into the single player campaign. One of the stories features a black soldier, while another features a woman fighting alongside T.E. Lawrence (who notably never mentioned such a thing occurring in real life). If you read his autobiography, it is quite plain he was running around the desert with a bunch of guys.



Come on folks … EA has actually gone out of their way to make this game diverse despite its setting in a time when armed forces were not particularly diverse. So let’s cut them some slack and enjoy the game.

Battlefield 1 releases on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC on October 21st. Pre-order Battlefield 1 today to start your preload!