Battlefield 1 Details the Weapons of World War 1


A lot of gamers were pleasantly surprised to find out that EA and DICE decided to go back in time to a World War I setting for the upcoming Battlefield 1. We’ve been seeing more and more FPS games set in imaginary near futures. Envisioning the weapons and tactics of the future certainly has its appeal, but all these futuristic shooters have a lot of gamers feeling nostalgic. Many classic FPS titles took place in the past and gave us insights into what it might have been like to participate in historic combat.


Now, DICE and EA are taking us back to World War I in what may be the most realistic, immersive FPS game to date.

But what is that going to be like? Will gamers really be happy trading in their laser assault rifles for clunky manual guns and hand-to-hand combat?

EA has just released a featurette on the weapons of Battlefield 1 which gives gamers a better idea what they can expect:

You not only get a closer look at some of the weapons which will be featured in the game, but you also get to listen to the developers as they talk about the process of researching and recreating these arms (and yes—that included hands-on testing, which looks like a literal blast).

This effort has been ongoing for a long time—on the order of a decade!

In case you are wondering, the weapons will not be totally realistic. The developers are pretty clear on that point. The weapons you will be playing with are based on real ones, but they have been reinterpreted for the modern era. So you probably will be seeing a lot more automatic action in BF1 than you would have on the real-life WWI battlefield.


If you’re a purist, this may not make you happy, but as a gamer, it should. The most authentic approach might not always be the most playable approach. The DICE developers sound like they’ve gone into this process with both authenticity and playability in mind. Judging by the footage they’ve shared, they have found the perfect middle ground.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21st on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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