Battlefield 1 Hardcore mode is now available


While the release of Battlefield 1’s fall patch has been a bit buggy on PS4 Pro, there is at least one positive change on all platforms, and that is the availability of Hardcore mode!


Hardcore mode is a fan favorite, and it has been included in practically every Battlefield release to date.  We all knew it was coming, and now it is here.  DICE describes Hardcore as removing “the training wheels.”  Essentially your mini-map is disabled, and weapons damage goes up by 200% across the board.  Additionally, you can choose to remove spotting and crosshairs and activate friendly fire if you are running a Hardcore server.  All of these changes make the game more intense and challenging.


You can find Hardcore servers to play right now.  Just browse for servers and check under Custom Games and you should find plenty of games to join.  Have fun!