Battlefield 1 player goes 23-0 with the sniper rifle in 3 mins


Snipers are always a challenge to deal with (unless you are one—and sometimes even then) in Battlefield games, but in Battlefield 1 they have more of an edge than ever. And some players really know how to take advantage of that and have taken their sniping abilities to the next level.


One such sniper going under the name Dark-Betrayed managed to pull off 23 kills in just 3 minutes, all without dying even once. As you might imagine, there were some incredible moments during his kill streak, like when he took down several moving players in a row, a feat he achieved multiple times.


You can check out a video of this crazy kill streak below:

Battlefield 1 came out on October 21st and has quickly soared to becoming a FPS classic. Still don’t have a copy? There are going to be some fabulous deals running through the holidays, so be sure to buy Battlefield 1 soon!