Battlefield 1 Players Discovered a New Easter Egg and Are Now Hunting for Hidden Headphones


A few days ago, Redditor Nehefer made an odd discovery in the Fao Fortress map in Battlefield 1: an unusual-looking pair of headphones.  No class uses these headphones (that we know of), so we have no idea what their purpose is.  But since then, they have been reported in a number of other maps as well: Monte Grappa, Empire’s Edge, Sinai and Amiens.  Discussion has exploded about this latest “Easter egg” on Reddit and the Battlefield forums.

Videos are also being posted showing off the headphones and where they have been found. What will happen when they are all discovered? We don’t have a clue, but let’s hope that it’s something awesome—you know, like a dinosaur. Of course, it could be nothing. But either way, you’ll be hearing a lot about headphones for a while.


Battlefield 1 released on October 21st. Buy Battlefield 1 now to join the action and search for Easter eggs!