Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro version looks gorgeous in every aspect


Battlefield 1 looks gorgeous on PS4, so can you imagine how amazing it looks on PS4 Pro?  PS4 Pro has two times the graphical power as the original PlayStation 4.  We knew that the results were going to be astonishing, but we never would have guessed just how incredible they are.  The resolution is much better (rendered in 4K), and the textures and particle effects are all vastly improved.  The frame rate is smoother too, which is particularly apparent in multiplayer mode.  And guess what?  Even if you are playing on a 1080p monitor, you will notice a big difference thanks to high-quality downsampling.


Below you can watch some videos comparing the graphics between the original PS4 and PS4 Pro.  You will of course be able to see the improvements most dramatically if you are watching on a 4K monitor.

Battlefield 1 released on October 21st.  Buy Battlefield 1 for PS4 Pro today!