Battlefield 1 Revive Bug and Disappearing Grenades to be Fixed


There are a couple of bugs in Battlefield 1 which have been a serious pain lately. One of them happens when another player revives you, and suddenly you find you cannot shoot, which means you are totally defenseless against melee attacks and bayonet charges. The other involves disappearing grenades. If you drop a grenade and then you are killed immediately afterward, the grenade just vanishes out of existence. Apparently fixes for both of these bizarre issues are on their way soon.


There is one other annoying issue as well where players with high pings are being favored in melee fights. The developers are changing this so that the player who reacts first will win and remain alive. This should work regardless of ping, except when the first player’s ping is over 100ms and the second has a lower ping. Does this seem backwards to anyone else? They still have a ways to go before they achieve some sort of fairness—but at least soon we can look forward to non-disappearing grenades.