Battlefield 1 single player campaign details leaked, only contains six missions


If you’re desperate for news about the single player campaign in Battlefield 1, there are a few things we know for sure right now—like that you will have a chance to play multiple protagonists. But there are still a lot of questions, one of which is how many missions the campaign will include.

While there is still no solid answer from DICE on this one, there is a rumor that the answer is six. This leak comes from Twitter user txt231, who reports the titles of the missions are:

1. Friends in High Places
2. Nothing is Written
3. Through Mud and Blood
4. Avanti Savoia!
5. The Runner
6. Epilogue

At least one of these (“Through Mud and Blood”) we already know a little bit about. Fans of the movie Lawrence of Arabia can surmise that “Nothing is Written” will be a desert campaign (if indeed it exists). Some of these other names have been floating around the internet for a couple days as well.


As of right now, DICE has not confirmed anything about this leak. But so far everything that txt231 has leaked about Battlefield 1 has proven to be correct, so it is reasonable to assume that this latest leak may also hold water.

Over on Reddit, txt231 has also released a list of achievements. Again, there is no official verification on any of this, but txt231 says that they are from a developer version of BF1. This means that even if they are correct, there may be changes with the final release version (which is a pretty good excuse if the list turns out to be wrong, but if even a large part of it is accurate, it was pretty solid information to begin with).


Battlefield 1 will release on October 21st on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Be sure to buy Battlefield 1 through pre-order so that you can take advantage of the great bonuses and play the game on release day!

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