Battlefield 1 Will Get Both Hardcore and Classic Game Modes


Recently we reported that Hardcore mode is coming to Battlefield 1. This news was dropped by DICE producer Ali Hassoon on Twitter. Now Hassoon has confirmed that there will also be a Classic game mode!


We know a little bit about each:

• In Hardcore mode, the HUD will either be minimal or nonexistent. Health will stay at 100%, and bullet damage will be 200%.

• Classic mode in Battlefield 1 will be like the Classic mode introduced in Battlefield 4. This mode is a lot like BF2’s Conquest mode, and has a focus on objective and team play. You can only spawn on the Squad Leader, and health does not regenerate.


We still do not know a release date for either of these game modes, and we also do not know at this point whether they will be free or paid (hopefully free, but you never know). Chances seem good we will see them before the year is over.

Don’t have Battlefield 1 yet? The game released on October 21st on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Buy BF1 today and you can look forward to playing in Hardcore and Classic game modes!