Battlefield 1944 Coming March 2017


Battlefield has become one of the most successful FPS franchises around, and for good reason. The vast scale of conflict, the breathtaking graphics, and the immersive feel of the action cannot be beat. Almost every Battlefield game has been a huge hit, Hardline not so much, but that is because Hardline stepped way outside the usual Battlefield formula, taking us away from, well, the military battlefield and into police situations. Hardline is a cool game in its own way—but it just didn’t feel like the Battlefield experience.

But we’re going back to the battlefield in a big way—and back in time. While recent BF games have focused on modern and near-future conflict, the next game may take us back to the franchise’s roots: WWII.

If you were gaming back in 2002, you almost certainly remember how mind-blowing Battlefield 1942 was. Now it’s time for Battlefield 1944!

Okay, to be fair, this is still a rumor. But it is a pretty convincing one. Check out this camera shot which was shared on Reddit:


All we see is stock artwork, but the advertisement is pretty clear, and if it isn’t a real DICE ad, it is certainly a convincing prank. The pre-order information is pretty detailed, and includes:

  • A Nostalgia Map Pack including Back to El Alamein and other fan favorites
  • An exclusive custom-designed M1 Carbine Desert Fox Skin

The ad also announces a beta test starting in November.

We think it’d be great to revisit the roots of the Battlefield franchise. While Hardline was an interesting game, DICE needs to get back to what it does best. There are many more stories and scenarios which could be explored in the World War II setting.

How do you feel about Battlefield 1944? Do you like the idea of returning to WWII, or would you prefer another futuristic warfare game—or something more like Hardline? Let us know in the comments!