Call of Duty: WWII Pro Edition Pre-Order Leak Reveals All


Just a day before the global reveal for Call of Duty: WWII, a GameStop employee on Reddit leaked the Pro Edition pre-order. It looks legit. As you can see, there is an exclusive deal for PS4 players to leap into a private beta ahead of everyone else.


Additionally, this edition comes with a Season Pass, collectible steelbook, and the base game along with “additional bonus content.” If you are ordering through GameStop, you will also get a cool limited edition hat:

What can we expect from the “additional bonus content?” Going off of what that typically has included with past releases, it could mean special weapon skins, player cards, bonus maps or game art. We also do not know yet what the Season Pass will consist of, but in the past that meant zombie content, DLC map packs, and other content such as Salvage Credits and Supply Drops.

This isn’t the only leak we’ve had lately on the next COD game either. In the official descriptions posted by Activision, the various game modes were leaked as well along with a description of the game and campaign.


Described as “redefining” the World War II experience, Call of Duty: WWII will apparently take us to Normandy on D-Day and allow us to wage war across Europe through “classic Call of Duty combat.” The campaign promises a focus on “the unbreakable brotherhood of common men,” and will apparently be a cinematic blockbuster experience. Along with the single player campaign, we can expect multiplayer and co-op modes. The release date was also leaked by Activision as November 3rd on PS4, Xbox One and PC.