Chicago Teen Stabbed and Mugged Playing Pokemon GO


Being able to play games on your iPhone as you are walking around is awesome—but not when it distracts you so much you don’t realize you’ve wandered into the ghetto and are now in danger of your life.


Seventeen-year-old Marcus Jackson was taking a walk and playing Pokemon GO on his iPhone in Chicago.  The new app (which was released this week) was so distracting he didn’t notice he’d meandered into a bad neighborhood.  He was then stabbed by a thief who took his belongings—including the iPhone—and fled the scene.  A local store owner witnessed it all and called the cops.


Thankfully Jackson was rushed to the hospital in time and is expected to make a full recovery from his stab wounds.  Sadly he has yet to recover his iPhone.  But this story does serve as a cautionary tale to all avid mobile gamers.  Do remember to glance up now and again to make sure you aren’t in mortal danger!