DICE and EA Tease New Game Modes for Battlefield 1


Playing the Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Edition through EA Access or Origin Access?  You may have discovered you now have a “Custom Games” section under Multiplayer.  For a while, there was nothing on that page, so we had no idea what to expect.  But now, it looks like this:


Two new modes are listed as “Coming Soon”: Fog Of War and Hardcore.  Hardcore mode will probably be similar to the Hardcore modes we have seen in other games.  Fog Of War on the other hand could be almost anything at this point—though it might have something to do with the dynamic weather in Battlefield 1.

Regardless, we should have the answers in the coming days.  It seems likely that other modes could also be added to this page.  We will update you here if that is the case, so check back with us soon for the latest.

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