DICE Is Finally Adding the French Army to Battlefield 1


Before Battlefield 1 was even officially released last year, gamers were scratching their heads wondering why there was a gaping void where the French army was supposed to be.  Now, DICE has announced that it is finally going to add the French army to the first big expansion for the game, titled “They Shall Not Pass.”


“They Shall Not Pass” will take players to the Battle of Verdun, an environment featuring burned forests, ruined villages, and dark, cramped Forts where melee conflict was common and hand-to-hand skirmishes got brutal.  But this expansion set will also feature the Battle of Soissons, which includes a strategic tank assault by the French military.  New weapons will also be available alongside the new French forces and new maps.


“They Shall Not Pass” will be available in March 2017, so we still have quite a wait ahead of us.  Be sure to keep checking back with us in the meantime.  We will let you know as soon as more details on the expansion set are available, and we will keep you up-to-date with all other Battlefield 1 news!

Preview “They Shall Not Pass” DLC with the epic screen shots below.