Does the New Battlefield Teaser Hint We’re Heading to WWI or WWII?


If you’re a Battlefield fan, you’ve probably already seen the super short teaser that DICE just released for tomorrow’s World Premiere.

The first time you watch that, you might think it reveals next to nothing.  But it might actually hint at a World War setting (like most of the other rumors right now).  How?  Well, there are at least several reasons.  Check it out.

The soldier is wearing a trench coat.


Just look at that high collar.  When is the last time you saw a look like that on a military uniform?  He appears to be wearing a trench coat.  Even if it isn’t one, it definitely has an old-fashioned vibe to it.  He’s got dirt on his face and he’s looking upward, which seems to suggest he may be an infantry-man.  Could this be a WWI or WWII uniform?

Just look at that old-fashioned haircut.


That haircut you see is called a “face-cut,” which happens to have been a very popular look back in World War I and World War II.  It was particularly prevalent among British soldiers.  So this may not only point toward a World War setting, but also a focus on the European theater of operations.

Does that shadow suggest a trench?


And then there is the presence of that shadow.  It is impossible to say what that shadow represents as its sweeps across his face.  Whatever it is certainly impresses him—that expression seems to be a combination of fear and wonder.  The way it passes over him seems to indicate that he may be looking up at it out of a trench.  It could for example be a flame tank (look at the embers).  And again I go back to the dirt on his face.  That also seems indicative that he’s standing in a trench.


All of this is very good evidence to back up the rumors that we’re headed to WWI or WWII in the next Battlefield game.  In any case, we’ll just have to find out tomorrow at 4 PM ET!