EA is banning skilled Battlefield 1 players for the worst possible reason


Come on EA … we’re really glad you’re hardcore about catching and banning cheaters, but your latest system leaves a lot to be desired. For example, it’d be great if you stopped banning players automatically for being really, really good at your game.


So here’s the skinny. EA is serious about banning cheaters in Battlefield 1, and that’s a good thing. But the “intelligent” system they have installed called “FairFight” is far from fair or intelligent. Its uses a set of algorithms to compare how you play with how the “average” BF1 gamer plays. If you are too far from “average,” you will automatically be banned.


The system is also supposed to catch highly improbable events—but what happens when you have millions of hours of continuous gameplay? You get a surprising number of “improbable” events which are totally unrelated to hacking. One player named SpartanHoplite for example got banned simply for achieving a score of 202-8.

What happens if you get banned? A lot of these bans are temporary “timeouts” which will expire if you wait. Still, how much does that suck?

… Seriously, this is lame, EA. Please fix this broken system!