Everything You Need To Know About Battlefield 1’s Open Beta


Today is a huge day for Battlefield fans—it is the day before the public launch of the Battlefield 1 open beta!  While the public at large gets access to the beta tomorrow (August 31st), Battlefield Insiders who subscribed by August 21st are being sent their access codes to play the beta today, a day early.

Wondering what the beta will be like?  Here is what we know so far:

  • The only confirmed map for the beta so far is Sinai Desert, which will be one of the largest maps in the game.  The map will feature dynamic weather, including sandstorms.  The Frostbite Engine keeps the terrain and buildings dynamic as well—everything on the map will be destructible.  This will make for energetic and varied game play.
  • Conquest and Rush are the two confirmed game modes.  Rush supports 24 players, while Conquest supports 64.
  • A number of different weapons and vehicles (and yes, horses—you can bring a horse to a tank fight) will be available along with 6 basic player classes (Assault, Support, Medic, Pilot, Scout, and Tanker).  Additionally, there will be 3 elite classes (Sentry, Flame Trooper, Tank Hunter).
  • When one side has a significant upper hand over the other, the losing side will spawn an armored train called a Behemoth.  This train will come packed with weapons, leveling the playing field and giving the losing team a new edge.


This is a super exciting opportunity to test drive the game early, whether or not you have decided yet to purchase Battlefield 1.  Battlefield 1 will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC on October 21st.