Fat Joey’s Backstory Finally Revealed by The Walking Dead Actor Joshua Hoover

As far as characters on The Walking Dead go, Negan’s henchman Fat Joey was full of contradictions.  Despite the fact that he worked for the show’s main villain, he was a lovable antagonist and quite a few fans were devastated when he was killed off.


But Fat Joey’s background was always mysterious.  Now fans have a chance to learn a little more about his roots, thanks to a interview with his actor Joshua Hoover.

Hoover said that he figures that Fat Joey was smart, being as he was trusted with “tech type stuff,” which was cool to Hoover since he enjoys tech as well.  He added, “I think he did whatever he needed to do to live comfortably, and I think Negan was the best option of that.  I think that was kind of an Easy Street.”

Hoover also explains that during Fat Joey’s time as a border patrolman pre-apocalypse, he was ordered to shoot a kid.  But Hoover says that Fat Joey’s response was, “Come on man, that’s a kid,” and refused to do it.

So there you have it—Fat Joey may have worked for Negan, but he didn’t like it.  He was just trying to survive, same as everyone else.