Gamers Are Going Crazy Over Massive Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak


Lately there have been a ton of leaks for Red Dead Redemption 2. Some of the rumors are wildly unbelievable, but others make a lot of sense. One which does make sense is that the protagonist of the sequel will bear the name Jack Marston. That would be John Marston’s son, whom we saw in the original game.


If it is true, we have no idea how old he will be or how much time will have passed since the original game. The insider who leaked this rumor says that flashbacks will be used to help tell the story. That makes sense given that they feature in the trailer.


In theory, Jack will be investigating people, places, and events connected to his father, so we can expect to encounter some characters we met previously. The world is expected to be enormous—roughly the size of GTA V, or even bigger. There should be at least two big towns and numerous other locations, and heists are expected to figure into game play.


As to multiplayer, reportedly it will be “very economy driven,” and revolve around outfitting gangs. Players will be able to do everything from hunting or fishing to gambling.

Remember, all of this is still rumor right now, but hopefully we will get some solid details soon. Until then, stay tuned!