Gamestop Rated as Being One of The Worst Companies to Work For in America


From the outside looking in, working in a games shop must be non stop fun and games. As well as the amazing staff discount that employees receive, they are also surrounded by video games the whole time, which makes you think that working at somewhere like Gamestop is a great thing, however a recent report by 24/7 Wall Street suggests that this is not the case.


In the article, posted on the financial blog’s website, it is claimed that the consumer electronics and video games retailer is one of the worst employers in the whole of America! The damming report comes as part of their article on “America’s worst companies to work for”, in which the retail giant made it to the number ten spot.


This list was made with the help of Glassdoor, which is a platform that is “The TripAdvisor of employer reviews”, where past and present employees vote on various aspects of their job, such as the pay, what the hours are like, and how good the management is.

This is not the first time GameStop has been in the press for all the wrong reasons, after they previously came under fire for their unfair returns policy and poor customer service, which may be down to the unhappy staff.