Generation 2 Regional Pokemon Announced!


Experienced Pokemon Go players know that some Pokemon appear to be region-locked. For example, finding a Tauros outside of North America is difficult. Likewise, Kangaskhan seems to be limited to Australia and/or South Asia; Mr. Mime doesn’t leave Europe; and Farfetch’d is limited to Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries. (It may still be possible to hatch a region-exclusive Pokemon from an egg regardless of your location, however).


With the possible implementation of the Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, players are wondering whether there will be more region-locked Pokemon in this generation. Suggestions for regional Pokemon include Miltank for the United States since the US does, after all, have the biggest military in the world; Smeargle for Europe in recognition of its artistic history; Girafarig for Africa, home of giraffes; Heracross for Asia or South America; and perhaps even the puffin-like Delibird for Antarctica!