How a Overwatch player reached “Max” Level after playing non-stop for 6 months


It is really, really hard to reach the “Max” level in Overwatch.  In fact, previously only one account managed this achievement, and it was shared between two players.  Now, a single player account has finally hit the “Max” level of 1800, owned by a French player going by TaZzeRK.  The “Max” level is the highest one that Blizzard has made a border for.


Just what did it take to reach this level?  TaZzeRK had to play Overwatch 16-17 hours a day for six months before he reached level 1700 on November 17th.  It took him 10 more days to pass through the last 100 levels.  Here are his stats—they are just insane.

So far no one is really threatening to catch up with him; the second most highly ranked player in the EU/US/KR regions is way behind.  Quite an achievement, TaZzeRK!  Now, get some rest and exercise—you probably need it.