How We’ve Improved Battlefield 1 With The Fall Update


Battlefield 1 hasn’t been out for even a full month yet, and already the good folks at DICE are rolling out a major update for fall.  Here are some of the key improvements we can look forward to:

  • Attackers in Operations mode will receive a boost
  • Tickets are increasing for Operations and Grand Operations
  • It will now take attackers in Operations less time to capture flags
  • Hardcore servers will be available once the update arrives
  • Rent-a-Server will also debut with the update
  • Some Battlepacks will now include a Squad XP Boost
  • In the “Get Battlepacks” menu, you will be able to buy Battlepacks
  • The Multiplayer menu will allow you to join Custom Games

These are just some of the key upgrades.  For a full list of improvements and fixes, see the official Battlefield 1 Fall Update PDF.  Don’t have Battlefield 1 yet?  Buy Battlefield 1 today!