Infinite Warfare Being Shot Like a Hollywood Film

If you are following our updates on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, you have probably watched the cutscene which was recently posted to the official COD channel on YouTube:

This video is receiving a great response from fans, and there are so many reasons why that might be the case. It could be the strong focus on character development, or it could be the compelling story. Or it might have something to do with the beautiful way in which the cutscene has been filmed.

It might sound strange to talk about “filming” a video game, but Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare actually has its very own director of photography, Hollywood veteran Jeff Negus.


Negus recently spoke up about the complex process of filming and development used for Infinite Warfare in an interview with director Kevin Smith on the IMDB yacht at Comic-Con.

In the interview, Negus sheds light on the amazing creative process to develop the footage used in Infinite Warfare. First, everything is filmed live on set using motion-capture technology. Then everything needs to be rendered for digital production. After that, new camera angles and shots are brought in for the final render. There truly are an astonishing amount of layers involved in this kind of filming. Brought together, they eventually create something incredible like the recently-posted cutscene.


It is a fascinating interview, one which for whatever reason somehow seems to have been passed over by most gaming news outlets recently (probably just lost in the deluge of Gamescom 2016 news). Check it out and enjoy. And be sure to get your pre-order in for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which is due for release on November 4th!