Infinite Warfare Changes Game’s Boxart, Replaces Space Setting Theme


Call of Duty’s fall from grace this past month has been nothing short of meteoric.  It may be a little late in the game, but Activision is desperately trying to find a way to recapture its glory.


To do that, it is adjusting its entire marketing campaign.  Players clearly don’t want all this spacey future warfare—so Activision has taken it off the box art.  There is still a shadowy ship in the backdrop, but the focus is on what looks like an infantry soldier in the foreground.  The space setting is gone from the box.


Good move?  Probably, but it won’t be enough to salvage the game.  After all, everyone already knows about the space warfare.  The bad press is out there, and even if it wasn’t—if the game is going to flop on that basis, it is going to flop.


Here’s hoping Activision will rethink things next year.  Experimenting is all good and well, but this franchise needs its identity back—and maybe a longer release cycle.