It’s now possible that ‘Shiny’ Pokemon will be making their way into the game!


Data miners from The Silph Road and other fansites have found indications in Pokemon Go’s code that the popular app will be adding Shiny Pokemon soon.

Originally introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver in 1999-2000, Shiny Pokemon are ultra-rare variants of regular Pokemon that feature unusual colors. They were referred to as “shiny” by fans because they produce a cloud of sparkles and a special sound effect when they appear.


Code from new updates includes the words “shiny” and “rare,” and also separates Pokemon graphics specifications into default and shiny versions. While Niantic does not always implement items found in the code, it’s a strong suggestion that Shiny Pokemon may be appearing in Pokemon Go soon.


Players are anticipating the release of Generation 2 Pokemon from Gold and Silver into Pokemon Go, since clues to the Gen 2 Pokemon were also found in the update code.