Kid gets in trouble at school after calling classmate ‘Hanzo Main.’ Overwatch devs respond


Most kids aren’t particularly clever with insults—so it’s almost sad when one little kid gets in trouble for calling her classmate a “Hanzo main.”


If the teacher—who obviously has never played Overwatch—had bothered to ask the girl what she meant, she’d have quickly figured out that the girl was alleging that her classmate wasn’t a team player. Does that even count as an insult, or just a complaint about another kid’s lack of contribution to a project? If anything, it seems like the kid who needed a talking-to was the classmate, not the little girl with the clever observation.

In any case, the teacher was not amused. The parents however were when they received the following disciplinary slip:


The Overwatch developers caught wind of what happened, and were amused as well, tweeting, “@abrekke83 While we don’t support name-calling (and do support Hanzo mains!), we love where your daughter’s head was at.”

At least thanks to reasonable parents and cool developers, this kid learned the right lesson. Hopefully the teacher learned something too.