Man steals $4.8 million from work, spends most of it on a terrible videogame


Remember that ridiculous Kate Upton ad during the Super Bowl for a mobile game called “Game of War?”

Well, one guy stole almost $5 million from his company and then decided to blow it all on that absurd little game.


Okay, so he didn’t blow all of it on Game of War. He also bought some luxury cars, posh furniture, and NBA and NFL season tickets.


He managed to get away with his theft from 2008 through 2015 before he was finally caught. If sentenced, he could spend 20 years in prison, and may also have to pay back nearly $1 million in restitution. And for two decades behind bars, he’ll have to live down the fact that he was caught spending piles of cash on Game of War. So not worth it, dude.