Man sues Bethesda over Fallout 4 addiction

We’ve all had those weeks.  You know—those weeks where you get so caught up in your newest video game that you forget to surface for food or sleep or air.  When your girlfriend or boyfriend threatens to drag you to therapy for cheating on them with a piece of software.

But most of us take responsibility at some point.  At least enough for a snack.  And maybe a quick plea for patience with our significant other.

But there’s a guy from Russia who refuses to take responsibility.  In fact, he’s trying to financially foist it off on Bethesda and Softklab (Softklab is the game’s distributor in Russia) by suing them to the tune of 500,000 rubles for ruining his life.

Supposedly, over the course of three weeks, his addiction to Fallout 4 caused him to lose everything.  He was so entrenched in the virtual wasteland and the bitter struggle for survival in another world that he completely forgot about trying to survive in this one.  He stopped heading to work, so he was fired.  His wife dumped him and so did all of his friends.


Just who is this guy?  He definitely exists, so this isn’t a tall tale (well, not entirely—he’s probably making some of it up), and he’s definitely suing—but he is also being kept anonymous.  I would want to be anonymous too.  I mean, destroying your life over a video game is shameful enough, but blaming someone else for it?  Now that’s just pathetic.

Here’s what this addicted loser has to say for himself:

If I knew that this game could have become so addictive, I would have become a lot more wary of it.  I would not have bought it, or I would have left it until I was on holiday or until the New Year holidays.

Yep.  He would have waited for the holidays.  Because apparently losing his wife and friends isn’t really a big deal.  It was the job he was really angry about.  It would have been okay had he simply blown his personal life!

Just how much is 500,000 rubles?  It may sound like a lot, but going off the current exchange rate, it comes in just under $7,000 USD.

And that may be the most hilarious part of all.  Apparently this guy’s entire life has a $7,000 value.  Ouch.  And he’s really that mad about losing it?  Sounds like it wasn’t all that great to me if that’s the price tag he ended up putting on it.  Maybe it’s for the best that he lives out the rest of his days addicted to Fallout 4!